Working with Angels, Fighting Real Demons

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After reading Mr. Vachss e-mail to me I worked on my own book for a while. I’ve manged to cut out a few more characters and make some of the characters who were just hanging around posing start to do some serious work. It was two hours of nothing but fun.

Then I tried to get a spark of life out of my web site and absolutely nothing, I’m back to square one, only this time without the launching fees. But I’m going to try some more to get my alternate website up off the floor and into the virtual world. If I can do that, perhaps all will turn out well in the beginning.

It being late and me being married to a wonderful, but early rising spouse, I was tired. So I lay me down to sleep but before dreaming I did some reading. It was a short story from Charles De Lint’s “Tapping the Dream Tree,” And I realized that the difference between our writing styles, other than him having sixty odd books published I nary a one – is my characters come from weird but supportive families. They are not the straight growth of the twisted stalk, but the flowers of the straight stem.

I think that perhaps that is what makes my writing more fantstic, the bad guys are bad and the good guys are good and the main characters are conflicted, but know there moral roots. They may get killed but they don’t wind up twisted. That simply isn’t the way of the world.

Charles De Lint’s Jilly Peppercorn and Andrew Vachss’s Burke are more realistic, because they are good [in Burke’s case loose definition, but he gets the job done is such a satisfying way] people who have come from rotten pasts, pasts that the news shows us are all to common.

I am grateful everyday that I come from where I did, and I feel an obligation to help spring those flowers still waiting to escape the quicksand and predators of child abuse. Andrew Vachss and Charles De Lint hold the torch high so we can follow. Let’s not let them get out of sight.


More problems than usual and a new cause

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Do to some absurd technical problems which I am unable to overcome, O’Brien’s Literary Speculator web site is more or less permanently down. I’ve tried looking into some of the free or at least less expensive alternatives but I don’t have the programing skills. So I’m sorry everybody who contributed until I find a way to publish the magazine in an acceptable format we are on hold. (I have found it is often the admission that you can’t get something done that actually gets it done, So don’t go away just hold your breath.

Anyway when thinks look like the men’s room in a gas station, I read. I used to drink but getting up every night five times made me start reading instead.

I attempt to write urban fantasy and have recently (yes I’ve lived in a cave for the last ten years) discovered and started reading Charles DE Lint. At about book number four I was reading the author’s notes and Charles mentioned one of my favorite writers – and the kind of person I hope to be if I ever grow up – Andrew Vachss. It didn’t take me that long to figure out the similarities – The Truths- in their writing and naturally I asked Andrew via the Internet how he came to meet Mr. De Lint.

He responded to me by e-mail and as is his way answered my questions and then told me if you see the Truth do something about it. Actions act much, much better than words. So at his instigation I joined a group called PROTECT. They are working hard to eliminate child sexual abuse by largest group of offenders – the victim’s families. Andrew does not want to reform the criminal pedophile, he wants to eliminate them from their victim’s lives permanently.

I read an article that Andrew Vachss wrote after he and those who heard the truth rolled a giant boulder up the side of the New York Legislature’s building and had a law passed -closing the Incest loophole in sex crimes against children in New York, forever.

Now that work needs to be done else where. I responded to Andrew that I would bring in a new five year member every month for five years. If I miss a month I will be a surrogate member and toss in  the price of the membership, but it’s like they say on public radio, It is much better if  we all do our share so this is the first  plea.  Join PROTECT(  save some children from a fate far worse than death.

I can not go back to Andrew and tell him I failed. People who know the TRUTH can’t fail, they are only allowed to die trying.

Been out of town on family business.

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Unfortunately I’ve been away from my post at the computer due to some family health problems but otherwise everything is okay. Closing in very close on the first complete rewrite of Angels and hope to soon get back to work on the magazine and blog. I hope that no one has missed me too much 🙂 Be of good spirit and good health to all.

Meanwhile on Corlear Beach…

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As the earth orbits toward the second anniversary of Seamus, Alastar, Sheila, Quinn, and the rest of the gang tumbling out of my keyboard to begin  the tale of angels fallen and unfallen in New York City and on the narrow sandy shores of Corlear Beach, I find my self getting very close to the end of the first rewrite.

The first weeds are growing on the dunes and streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn are inviting mortals to shed layers and come out into the fresh air,  I do not want to invite the that lesser imp, self-styled-god of writing blocks to visit but would instead hope to invoke the inspiring and efficient goddess of writing things down and getting tales told, who with well placed raps from her word filled wand beats against the weary writer’s head as he stirs letters into words and she blowing like a Santa Ana wind, intones in voice thick as fog, and full of purest magic, “Your novel isn’t going to write itself, so put the books of writers, turn off the TV and write!”

Summerize More. What a great idea!

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Out here in sunny Orange County we know it’s still winter but we’ve been summerizing for the last couple of days. Highs in the eighties, lows in the night. The sun is out til it gets dark and it is just real nice here right now. I’m reading Boomsday by Christopher Buckley and it is very funny. Perhaps even prophetic. Tomorrow I’m getting another epidural to try and get both legs working without having to sound like Captain Haddock so much.

Anyway I’m trying to get the magazine out Solstice wise and I don’t know if it will happen. All I can say is I’m really trying.  Feels like the end of school when I was in the ninth or tenth grade.

Any way keep your eyes on the sun dial and enjoy the enjoyable summerized weather.

As it turns out we will just be a little late

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We’ve done a review of the works and we do have enough to go press. We will be going out on the 20th of March announcements as to all of the writers who have been accepted will be out tomorrow. We’ve gone to a smaller committee. Only five readers, they found enough that we could agree on to make the magazine work.  It is all good writing by good writers, you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Sadly for the five readers anyway O’Brien’s Literary Speculator will not go to press

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I finally got a quorum of the readers to respond to the writing to sent out by the publisher, that being myself and based on what I received back in terms of accept, reject or I don’t know I only have three pieces which were in the high I don’t know category. I liked a lot more of the pieces that were received but the committee rules, not in a very timely fashion but they do rule.

Therefore I have to say I did not receive enough writing to print an issue in March.

I thank everyone who sent pieces of their work for consideration. I enjoyed reading them and I sincerely recommend that you continue in your efforts, I know it makes the world a better place.